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DSC1&2 Qualified, Accredited witness and Large Game Meat Hygiene certificate holder .


Background information

Based in Gloucestershire I have been involved with shooting  and wildlife control for over thirty years.  I am licensed to manage deer for Natural England and  a registered member of the AONB coordinated  Wye valley Deer management group. Apart from experience it is necessary to be qualified in  the  police forces recommended deer management qualification to work within these organisations. This DMQ qualification covers deer biology and ecology, the legal basis for the use of firearms and the culling of wild deer, stalking techniques, deer identification, safety in handling firearms, accurate and consistent shooting skills and large game meat hygiene ( this final part is required by law to sell venison back into the food chain).

Many people have taken up a shooting discipline with little or  no experience of hunting. Unbelievably there is no legal requirement to be accessed on ability before setting out to shoot a deer or any other animal.  With the correct training,  a knowledge of the species and relevant laws, the stress to the animal can be greatly reduced.

As deer numbers have increased nationally so has the interest in deer stalking. This has led to unscrupulous individuals trying to make as much money as possible out of the sport. The antlers on the deer's head seem to be the only thing of any importance to many  hunters. This often leads to bad management and the  wrong animals being taken for the wrong reasons resulting in unbalanced and problematic deer populations. Untrained and inexperienced hunters often result in injured and distress animals that will endure prolonged and unnecessary  suffering, sometimes taking many weeks to die.

I have a passion for deer as a species and am an active member with the Deer Fund and several other local Deer organisations. It is my firm belief that, along with wild boar, deer that are managed correctly  can enrich our countryside without coming into conflict with foresters and farmers alike. After much research I firmly believe the balance of deer numbers should be influenced by the environment rather than by sporting interests. By pooling the experience of several local deer experts, who have been actively involved in deer management for many years, with my own I can offer a humane and successful solution to any deer or wild Boar problems you may have.

Culling is done completely confidentially with safety being paramount, installing high seats wherever possible. Carcass inspection is carried out on each animal to detect any early signs of bovine tuberculosis, foot and mouth or any other Noticeable disease. Wild Boar are also tested for Trichinella Spiralis.

Tim Hill




As a Landscape designer and constructor  I can also offer  deterrents such as fencing, tree  guards and deer tolerant planting.


Licensed to shoot Deer and Wild Boar by Gloucestershire Police Authority.

                  £5 million insurance cover with

DSC level 1 & 2 Qualified hunter and  Large Game Meat  Hygiene Certificate holder.


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